03 May 2012

Street scene: take two

Another French street, this one is Rue Saint Georges in Rennes. When I was living there, this was my favorite street for a nice dinner out. There were lots of lovely little places. Photo taken in April 2003.


  1. This scene could be from the 40s or 50s... J'aime bien cette maison à colombages.


  2. We just don't find much of this kind of thing in the States and we're the poorer for it. It was the shops and the sidewalk cafes that I thought made Paris so very special.

  3. I like so much the effect in this picture, it's a beautiful vintage postcard!
    Very well done dear Hal, great idea!

  4. love this pic so much! Im wondering did u edit it?;) I've saved it in my laptop, I enjoy eyeing this...hope u wouldn't mind

  5. @Eunice - I put a little "Holga" effect on this shot. I use Picassa editing, you can download it free from google. I don't mind if you use the picture for personal reasons, just as long as I don't see it later on an advertisement or something. :)

  6. I love small cozy diners. These places look comfortable.


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