04 August 2012

Colors flying

Flags flying on the pool patio of the Le Meridien hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Photo taken in December 2006.


  1. Just discovered your blog and amazing photos this morning.

    It has been a long time since I visited Rio but it reminded me of a story a local told me of a very, very wealthy eccentric lady who lived in a penthouse facing Copacabana.

    She did not want to mix with the general public on Copacabana beach so would send her butler down to the beach daily to fill champagne buckets with seawater which he them had to take up to the penthouse roofgarden and flick seawater at her with his fingers whilst she shreiked with delight!

    Always make me smile when i think of that.

  2. Fantastic pictures, I would love to go to Rio once.


  3. The beautiful Guanabara Bay!... And I see the Portuguese flag! :-)

  4. You do know how to live! What a great scene and panorama.

    Never been to Rio
    And that has got to change!
    Want to go to Rio
    Where all the famous hang
    Right there on the beaches
    At Le Meridien hotel
    I think that I see Halcyon
    But I will never tell!

  5. Re your buying "poo" for your garden: Maybe you should just get a dog? :-)

  6. I love this lively picture. I can feel the sea breeze.

  7. It's always nice to get your very own poem! Thanks Lowell! :D

    PS: the garden center where I do recommends sheep poo for the garden.


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