19 August 2012

Sarnia crossing

On my latest trip to the US from Canada, my husband and I tried a new crossing. This is the bridge from Sarnia, Ontario to Port Huron, Michigan. There was not a lot of traffic and the border guards were friendlier than most. Photo taken in August 2012. For more bridges, take a look at Sunday Bridges.


  1. I love the big white puffy clouds! They are my fav!

  2. This is quite different as its so simplistic-looking, and modern. I'm sure it's been engineered very cleverly though!

  3. «Louis» didn't know about this crossing between Canada and the U.S. Nice looking bridge, and an interesting contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  4. Is Sarnia the Southern most point of Canada. When I was a student in Windsor, we went to a beach, and we all stood at the point, and we were told it is the Southern point, and sounded like Sonia.

    Please tell me it is.

  5. great sunday bridge
    great clouds
    great to pass from one country to other on such an easy ride !

  6. Beautiful and modern structure, you did a great shot!
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. It's a nice, airy, modern bridge that brings utility and safety to mind. Which is always a good thing in a bridge. Even a bridge in your mouth. Oui?

  8. Good picture, it show you have always a camera with you.



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