18 March 2010

Night view

And now for the best view at all... the night time!

I'd like to dedicate this series to Louis la Vache from San Francisco Daily Photo. His series of photos from his balcony inspired me to take these pictures from our hotel room.


  1. The series of photos from your hotel is wonderful. And you're right, the night one is the most fascinating of all!

  2. (Blush) (Grin)

    You got a nice night shot of Coit Tower. ;-)
    Here is one daytime view and here's a view from the Marin side of the Bay.

  3. The church toward the left center is Sts. Peter and Paul, an Italian Catholic parish in North Beach. North Beach was settled largely by Italian immigrants and still retains a strong Italian flavor, including someone's Fiat 500 painted in the colors of the Italian flag. The street running at an angle is Colombus Avenue.

    Here's a shot of what «Louis» calls the intersection of Italy and China - where the Italian North Beach butts up against Chinatown.


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