10 March 2010

Winter vines

My husband and I joined a wine club during our recent tour of Napa Valley. It's a small winery that makes wines in the Italian tradition. They only make enough wine to sell to their club members and a little extra on the side. So I guess in a way, these vines are somehow ours too!

Photo taken at the Beneserre Vineyards in Napa Valley.


  1. Any time now those vines will be covered with lush green leaves, then before we know it, with beautiful lush grapes. A beautiful picture of transition.

  2. I've lived in California but have never visited Napa Valley...hope to do so sometime.

    Re the wine club...are you required to buy a certain amount of wine every month or year?

    Our neighbor is a wine "collector" and has a huge wine "cellar" in his villa...

  3. Jacob: You have to accept at least two "club" shipments. But you get 20% off the "retail" price on the shipments. And this particular winery is not extravagent in its pricing.

  4. I respect an American vineyard.
    Those all is splendid views.
    And it is very delicious wine.

    I have gone in winery of Napa Valley which a movie director owned before. I watched Oscar statuette exhibited there.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.


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