05 June 2010

Black Madonna

This is the House of the Black Madonna in Prague. The building is famous for its cubist design. I personally also like the windows which provided a very nice reflection of the sky. Photo taken in July 2006.

Do you like it better in color or black and white?

To see more reflections from around the world, click on the reflections link.


  1. Awesome picture, she is beautiful and you are right, such a wonderful reflection!
    Happy Sunday

  2. Great photos and reflections. I love the color shot the best. Happy Sunday!

  3. I like the colour one best. The blue sky reflected in the windows is a stunning contrast to the building.

  4. Great shot of this house.
    Thanks you sharing it.
    (I prefer bw)

  5. Color, most definitely. But then, I'm not a real fan of bw. Color excites me.

  6. I like the color one best. The colors make the fantastic details and the reflections pop right out.

    To have a name like the Black Madonna, there must be an interesting story behind this building?

  7. Clytie: If you look on the corner of the building inside that cage-looking thing there's a black madonna (not the singer!) figurine. Hence the name. But it does have an interesting history. There's an entry for the building on wikipedia.

  8. The black and white is classy, but I love the rich color. Its no contest! I don't usually like cubist all that much, but I LOVE this building/image/photo :)


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