11 June 2010

Parc Disneyland

A gray sky over Paris is not an uncommon sight. That's why the Imagineers chose this particular hue of pink for Sleeping Beauty Castle. It looks nice and bright, even against the gray. Photo taken in October 2007.

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  1. very interesting clear gray sky on top of that castle

  2. The contrast is beautiful!I like this sky, and the castle is awesome, I just need to visit this place!

  3. Funny, we have the same colors today. My last trip to Paris was also in October, but it was 2008. I have a lot of Paris pix with gray sky :) Did they really choose the pink for that reason? It's better than gray on gray, for sure. Glad you "found" my CDP blog. I like the white bg so much I've been converting all my blogs to that, so they tend to look alike.

  4. Tapirgal: I guess I knew there was an Astoria blog, but I never put 2 and 2 together until I saw that post that you overheard those people from the cruise ship talking about Astoria. :)

    They did paint it pink for that purpose. I used to work in the communications department for Euro Disney. Those were fun days!

  5. PS: The castle was specially decorated at this time for the park's 15th anniversary. I was even in a special video for the celebrations. If you go on you tube and type 360 degrees of magic, you can see it. It's pretty easy to guess who I am. ;)

  6. I love Disneyland wherever it may be! But I definitely will skip it if I ever get to Paris.


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