10 June 2010

Lines in the sand

The white sands of the Florida panhandle. This is the color version.

And this is sepia. Which do you prefer? Photo taken in Pensacola in May 2007.


  1. Stunning texture!Great idea!
    and congrats for your beautiful bench picture, I was just comment about it at Benches on my Way blog ( VP)!
    Really beautiful!

  2. Purely on looks, I like the sepia, but your white sands are so unusual and stunning, that I always like to see them white. However, in this photo there is no other scenery or sky to contrast with, so I'll vote for sepia. I've spent most of my life near beaches, but the sands were not white, so it's always remarkable to see them.

  3. I like them both. They would make great side-by-side pictures to hang on the wall!!!


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