09 January 2011

Footbridge in Davos

This bridge takes you over a small creek. From this point you can access a walking trail and the cross-country skiing trails, they have both classic and freestyle trails for skiing. What a beautiful backdrop for a nice stroll or ski.

To see more bridges from around the world, please visit the Sunday Bridges series.


  1. that is indeed a beautiful backdrop!

  2. Beautiful scene (with a bridge) and lots of snow, the good kind! I don't think your city (nor mine) would fare very well with this much snow...


  3. A postcard, Hal! Just gorgeous. You could sell this to the Davos Chamber of Commerce - if they have one!

  4. Beautiful, yet again! I'm googling Davos, I want to know more about it!

    Yes, I did use my new lens, so much better than before!


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