19 January 2011


A memorial to French citizens who were deported during WWII. It's simple, yet touching. Photo taken in March 2005.


  1. Wonderful picture, I love the lights here!It's perfect!

  2. You mean Jews, right? As well as some others.

    Tough times.

    My wife just handed me a French phrase which expresses how I often feel these days:

    Je ne comprends rien!

  3. It's very beautifully and gracefully done!
    How long is the walkway?

  4. I'm not sure how long it is, but you can't actually walk in there. It is closed off by a gate. You can just look down this hallway.

  5. Is it names on the walls? It's quite pretty.

  6. Love the perspective and warm lights.

  7. This is a wonderful photo. It's at the point of the Ile de la Cite behind Notre Dame, right? I've been there so many times and it has always been closed. I've never seen the hallway or lights, so this is special. Thanks.

  8. Jacob: It was mainly Jews who were deported, but I imagine there were probably some other "dissidents" in the mix too.

    T Beque: They are not names on the wall. They're little stones which appear to shine with the light. It really takes your breath away.

    tapirgal: That's exactly where it is! Sorry you never got to see it in person. :( It's worth a side trip, but I don't think many tourists know about it.


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