06 January 2011

Two-horse open sleigh

There are many companies offering sleigh rides in and around Davos. It looks fun, but a bit cold! Photo taken in December 2010.


  1. Yes! It looks like both! Cold and fun!

  2. Since I saw your post about Davos yesterday, I'm anxious to visit there.
    The problem is the place is a little bit far away from here, so we need at least two nights there, I mean I can't go for a simple weekend.But, for sure a place so wonderful need to be appreciated with calm, enjoying the time for several days!

  3. What a beautiful shot! I really love the sun shining on the barn - what gorgeous accent color!

  4. Gorgeous photo - postcard! It's hard to tell how cold it really is, but the snow gives a hint...no sign of melting!

  5. The weather in Davos was cold but sunny. That makes the snow bearable at least. :)

    The people in the sleighs we saw were covered with those warm skin blankies. Not sure if they were real skins (furs?), but they sure looked toasty!

  6. This is so beautiful and idyllic. Did you just get your lens? I got a Tamron 18-250. This weekend I hope to really test drive it!

  7. Wow, is that snowy and beautiful. As Jacob said - a postcard, painting, or ??? Almost anything but real life. At least in my experience.


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