19 September 2011

The Falls

The main attraction of downtown Rochester is the waterfall. It's not as impressive as Niagara Falls, but I still think it's pretty nice. Photo taken in September 2011.


  1. It's beautiful and your picture has a great angle, a fabulous view from the place.
    Rochester is wonderful!Ahhh it reminds me, there is another one very impressive as well and bigger than Niagara Falls.It's in Brazil, the Iguaçu Falls ( in fact it's in Parana State, and I'm from Paraná!). :)
    Big hugs to your heart,

  2. Whew! A non-Niagara Falls! Just kidding.

    It's a nice shot of the falls and the downtown area. Looks like an abandoned building on the right, though.

    Are you having fun yet?

  3. That stone wall is impressive and, of course, the falls are awesome.

  4. It's so abrupt, you can't see where its coming from... nice picture.

  5. Nice shot of this falls on the Genesee River!

  6. It's lovely, and the photo is superb!


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