29 September 2011


Here's another view on High Falls which runs through downtown Rochester. I'm amazed you can actually get so close to the point where the water rushes over. Photo taken in September 2011.


  1. That's scary! I don't like high places. And I like waterfalls only from afar! Beautiful scene, though!

  2. wow I have butterflies! :)
    Wonderful shot Halcyon, very well done!

  3. It's a beautiful place indeed!OK, a bit scary, but fabulous!

  4. Oh it looks as if you are standing right on the dam next to all that water -- lovely picture -- a bit scary, don't want to lose your balance.

  5. In defense of the city, there was a fence between me and the water. But the spaces were wide enough for me to easily get my lens through. And I imagine it wouldn't be hard for someone to scale it.

  6. Wow that is close to the falls. I would love to see a view from the other side. I am glad the fence didn't block the shot. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my sign post.


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