21 February 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

I saw this gentleman at the Carnival in Venice, Italy. I was lucky enough to attend it a few years back and although the weather was terrible (damp and cold) it was worth it! Photo taken in February 2004.


  1. OOPS! I meant Violet Sky. I came here via Sightlines. And the moment I saw this gentleman I was glad I didn't have a mug of coffee at the time.

  2. Great picture Carnaval in Venice must be top.


  3. Eh, lucky girl! Carnival in Venice must be fun despite the weather:)

  4. That is a superb photograph - great color and light and the subject matter is most interesting!

  5. I love this shot! Not only it's a great portrait, but also the background couldn't be better. Well done!

  6. We went to Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile Alabama (not as glamorous as your visit to Venice of course) but memorable because it was our first (and only) celebration of the day and the elaborate parades and bead-throwing were so much fun for us.


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