11 February 2012

A little higher please

I have mixed feelings about these "swim with the dolphins" programs that are popping up all over Mexico. While I can certainly understand people would love to frolic with these graceful and playful pals, how would you feel if you had to perform for your breakfast, lunch and dinner? I also question the training of the people running these programs. A debate for the ages... Photo taken in December 2011. If you'd like to see more animals, check out Camera Critters.


  1. You snapped this photo just at the right time!

  2. Awesome!omigod, I love these gorgeous dolphins!
    Great capture!

  3. I share your concerns about "swim with the dolphins" programs.

  4. I so hope that they are treated well. I guess if they are and the money is going to a good cause, then it's not such a bad thing. Oh, and if they're rescue dolphins or bred in captivity. I'd hate to think of them being taken and put into captivity. Ok, I'm done with my soapbox.

  5. There are many problems with these programs...not the least of which they involve captured wild animals ... and sometimes these dolphins can be dangerous.

  6. Sometimes I don't like the settings of such show but I am not against it. The trainers really seem to care about the dolphins. By the way we also have to work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Without going to work we also have no income. In the wild the hunt for food will also not be easy.


  7. @Filip - I agree with you about the shows and trainers when they are at Sea World or aquariums with staff who are accredited marine biologists. However, these dolphins aren't just putting on a show, they also swim with unfamiliar people on their backs and I'm pretty sure those guys with them don't necessarily have formal training.

    @T Beque - I also wonder where the dolphins are from. I don't think they could just catch wild ones. But who knows how much control there is over these programs.

  8. Hi there
    glad to discover your blog through a comment you left on Selma daily photo
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  9. I occasionally visited your blog and love your photos very much. I am a new follower in Japan.

  10. I absolutely share your feelings! That's why I prefer spotting these and other creatures in the wild.


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