15 February 2012


Here's an overview of the Crystal Bridge. You can see the bougainvillea growing down by those railings. In my opinion, it's one of Oklahoma City's best attractions. I took my MiL to visit when she came to town in December 2011.

Confidential to my Dad: Happy Birthday!!!


  1. I'm sure I'd LOVE this place! :))

  2. This is what I need to give my succulent collection a proper landscaping! :-))) Love it!

  3. I would never have known this is a bridge. I thought it was a greenhouse. Looks like a lovely place to visit.

  4. It is a very special construction and excellent picture.


  5. Very nice! I love bougainvillea. We had a ton of it at our house here but it froze every winter and finally would not come back. It does very well in So. Florida, though.

    Is it just me, or do other people some "confidential" notice just about everywhere they turn on the Net?

    Happy Birthday to your dad! :-)

  6. Haven't been in a greenhouse or conservatory in way too long a time. I can almost smell that wonderful loamy smell that they have -- this is a great photo and I've really enjoyed all the posts about it.


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