04 February 2010


More of Mount Kiluea. This is where some dried lava cracked and bunched up. There was so much interesting terrain.

Photo taken in January 2010.


  1. Do you remember Lava soap? I wonder if this is where that came from?

    I tend to think this a precarious place and that the gentleman walking up there should be very, very careful!

  2. Get dirty! We'll lava ya clean! Of course I remember that soap. :)

    I think it did have some pumice-y stuff in it, but definitely no lava rocks from Hawaii. The Hawaiians are very superstitious and no lava rocks, pieces, dust, whatsoever can be taken off the island.

  3. Reminds me of a broken asphalt road. But on a gigantic scale!

  4. I love seeing this from a real person's perspective and not those stupid little photos where you can't see much like they put on so many commercial travel web sites.


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