02 February 2010

Mount Kiluea

My husband and I hiked across this volcanic crater during our recent visit to Hilo, Hawaii. There is live lava only 50 feet underneath, it was pretty exciting to walk across a live volcano!

Photo taken January 2010.


  1. Eek. 'Exciting' would not be the word I would choose for the experience. And is that a column of steam I see in the back?

    Fantastic image!

  2. What? Are you crazy? "Exciting" is not the word I'd use, either. "Terrifying" would be more like it!

    What a gorgeous shot, though. And that's a bubbling volcano in the background?

  3. What a contrast with yesterday post, but I guess this is part of the beauty of these islands.

  4. The volcano has not erupted in quite some time!

    The "steam" behind us is actually the "plume" of another active volcano. The gases it gives out are actually quite toxic and the local Hawaiians measure the air quality based on the VOG.

  5. Very impressive. I'll bet it was a little warm.


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