10 February 2010

Molokini reef

This was the reef we snorkeled at Molokini. It was pretty spectacular!


  1. Wow. And a fantastic photo too!

  2. Besides being a great photo, this is interesting to me, because I've snorkeled on Hawaii and Kauaii, and I wondered what the snorkeling was like on Molokai. I've had an interest in that island ever since doing a report on it in 6th Grade. Now I know :)

  3. Now that I'm back, I know what Molokini is, and it's not Molokai. We had only 2 full days on the ground on this quick trip, and we didn't go to Molokini, although friends who went at the same time and stayed longer said it was incredible for divers. Nice photo. I've never seen the water this clear where I've been.


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