26 October 2010

Brazilian donkey

I can never remember how you tell a mule from a donkey, so this guy might actually be a mule. He was seen in the sand dunes in the state of Bahia. Photo taken in January 2007.


  1. Wonderful picture, I love the "sepia" choice, and I think the cute friend there is in fact a mule! ;)

  2. I think sand photos lend themselves well to a sepia tone.

    I think he is a mule. I think donkeys have long ears.

  3. Love the dunes. Looks not unlike the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. I've read about the difference between a mule and a donkey many times. It must be a distinction I really don't care about 'cause I can never remember. You might be right about the ears.

    I really like the way you composed this picture and the sepia works very well, too.

  4. That's some wild traveling, Hal.


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