30 October 2010

Messe Berlin

A view of the famous exhibition hall in Berlin. All that glass makes for a really nice reflection! Photo taken in June 2010.

To see more reflections from around the world, check out Newton Area Photo.


  1. this is awesome... beautiful architecture... dropping by for WR.
    My Weekend Reflections here

  2. This is a different Berlin from the one I know. Nice shot

  3. First time I was in Berlin I had mixed feelings about the city... Second time I went there it was lovely... I'm longing to go back again! Your picture stimulates this wish! :)
    God bless you!

  4. Some folks don't like glass buildings but I think they are quite striking. And with the right kind of glass, can be energy-efficient, too.

    This is a delightful photo of a delightful building and a delightful reflection.

  5. Great shot! The reflections must be fantastic.


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