17 February 2011

Shoes, glorious shoes

This one is for Genie at Paris and Beyond. She showed one of the beautiful window displays at the Repetto shop in Paris a few days ago. I found this picture of their shop in my archives. Unfortunately I didn't have a good picture of the display which included sequined and crystal encrusted toe shoes. But I hope you'll enjoy this look anyway. Photo taken in August 2006.


  1. Wonderful picture!
    I need to go for some shop but as my daughter is all day long at school,I'm always alone and go shop alone is so boring.If I could go shop with you or one of our friends, it would be special,cool and funny! :)

  2. Can you believe that I have never actually been IN this Repetto boutique... I prefer to take my photos from outside (as this one appears)... I will have to find "agents" to take photos as the windows change for times when I cannot be in Paris... Merci for the link to my blog, mon amie! Nice photo!


  3. Genie: I have never actually been in the shop either. I'm afraid the salesclerks would just make me feel bad. But I love to look at it from the outside! This photo was taken at night, which is why the others didn't really turn out so well.

  4. Oh my, I'm crazy about shoes - it would be a dangerous place for me:)

  5. Wow wow wow! This is really something...I have never been a shop like this ever before :)


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