04 February 2012

Ruined Mayans

Here's a look at one of the main pyramid temples at the Chacchoben site in Mexico. Our guide said this pyramid has actually been rebuilt and restored. It was only around five feet tall or so when it was originally excavated. Most of the other ruins however have not been rebuilt as modern archeologists believe it's better to leave ruins in ruins. Photo taken in December 2011.


  1. What a photo and a fascinating place-

    Chrissy at Mancunian Wave photo blog

  2. Very special and a big coincidence I just wrote about an art pyramid on my blog.


  3. I think it is true that if you fix a ruin you can ruin it. Hey, if it makes sense to an archaeologist it makes sense to me.

  4. Hi Hal...to respond to your questions on Ocala DP: There ain't nuttin' worth looking at from that bench ... it's a Publix Supermarket parking lot! :-)

  5. wow...that is amazing!!!
    have a nice weekend.

  6. Have you had the opportunity to visit the Teotihuacán site? It's amazing!
    God bless you!

  7. These are so many pyramid sites in Mexico, you can't visit them all. HUGE Teotihuacán is which impressed me the most.

  8. It's wonderful to be reminded of the one Mayan ruin I saw in Belize. It was in southwestern Belize, called Caracol. I'm sure they had done some restoration and other pyramids were left as they found them. I can see both sides of the restoration question. It's interesting that you bring it up. I'm just glad I had the experience of seeing and climbing on one that was reaching to the sky like yours is.

  9. Wow! This is incredible! I wish I could visit Mexico some day. :)
    I like your blog and I will follow you.
    Great job!
    Have a nice day!


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