29 June 2012

Cherubs and seal

These two angels are keeping the seal of Brandenburg from falling. Bradenburg is one of Germany's Bundeslander or states and is located right next to Berlin in the former east. Germans love those stately eagles and I don't blame them. Photo taken at the Kopenick castle in April 2012.


  1. As I told you, I'm loving this series.

  2. Germans aren't the only folks who love eagles...the stately eagle has a place of importance in this country, too and rightly so, methinks!

    I get dizzy looking at these cherubs plus...can't imagine actually creating them on a ceiling.

  3. As someone that restores old buildings for a living, I am just enthralled with these. The work is really so exquisite. I recognize that most of these are on a ceiling, I appreciate the difficult positions you had to get into to shoot them :-).

  4. Beautiful. I can't imaging doing this work.

  5. Another beautiful set of Angels... Lovely this one also!


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