10 June 2012

Heading home

It costs one dollar to cross the bridge that takes you from the U.S. to Canada. Luckily I also got a nice bridge shot for my money! To see more bridges, take a look at Sunday Bridges.


  1. The detail of the bridge structures is so clear against the waning sky and is that a plane's vapour trail up there too? A really special shot.

  2. With such a shot opportunity, it was a very cheap crossing! :-) Gorgeous!

  3. Awesome photograph, love those bridges

  4. This had to be serendipity! I'll bet you could drive across that bridge a hundred times and not see this kind of sky! Well done!

    Have a great week! Are you still in school?

  5. wow this image is spectacular,the structure of the bridge is beautiful and I love the sunlight and the blue sky is perfect!
    Great composition, congratulations!
    hugs and a nice week ahead,

  6. A bargain for a buck... lovely shot!

  7. Lucky you!! I have thought about trying to photo this bridge - but being the sole occupant in the car each time, it didn't seem prudent (or safe).


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