21 June 2012

Inside look

I was really amazed at the amount of furniture and decorative items in the Kopenick palace. Everything was gorgeous and so well preserved! This wood paneling is so intricate. I can't imagine all the work that went into making these beautiful pieces, but I'm glad they've been cared-for and saved for us to enjoy. Photo taken in April 2012.


  1. Yes Halcyon, I too am so grateful that they've been preserved for us all to enjoy and, people like you photograph them!!

  2. Very elegant room, I like the floor as well!

  3. That is quite incredible. I love all kinds of wood and wood carving...plus, the floor - is it tile? Inlaid marble? Whatever, it's exquisite!

  4. I can't imagine these decorations were made.Great achievement! Thank you for sharing, hal.

  5. This place looks lovely! Like a wooden version of the Amber Room! :-) I read your email a few days ago, but I forgot to reply... so let me just say thank you, and the next time I'm planning to visit Berlin I'll take you up on your offer and maybe you'll be able to tell me about some secret, beautiful places the average tourist wouldn't know about :-)
    Have a good weekend Hal!

  6. What a stunning interior to go with that door from yesterday... I need to be your baggage handler and follow you around the world!



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