01 April 2011


Le Couesnon dans sa folie a mis le Mont en Normandie. 

The Couesnon river divides Brittany from Normandy, creating the edge between the two regions. Many Bretons feel regret the Mont Saint Michel made its way into Normand hands because of this river. This shot was taken from one of the terraces of the abbey which is just atop the pinnacle of the Mont. Photo taken in November 2002.

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  1. Beautiful sight. You took it from a plane?

  2. Were you landing or taking off or up in a balloon?

    A classic photo...that snaky river and the silt shining in the sun...love it!

  3. Beautiful! Great shot.

  4. I took this shot from one of the terraces of the abbey on Mont St Michel.

    Sorry, I should have made it more clear that this is the "regretted" landmark!

  5. Oh, I love this photo!
    Have a nice weekend:)


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