05 April 2011


The water tower in Prenzlauer Berg is a landmark of Berlin. It was an actual working water tower until the 1950s. My friend Joo at Urban Stories showed a similar one from Poland not too long ago.

However this tower has a dark past; it was used by the Nazis as a place to detain and torture political dissidents during the 1940s. The tower has now been converted to apartments, but some say there are still ghosts who haunt the premises. Photo taken in July 2006.


  1. I have never seen a water tower like this before. Thanks for the great shot.

  2. Massive and beautiful.

  3. Joo loves Berlin and I also love this fabulous city!
    Wonderful picture dear Hal,

  4. I don't remember this one. Shame on me!!!! Have to go to Berlin soon and check:)
    I love this photo!
    Have a nice afternoon:)

  5. I don't believe in ghosts but the human mind is capable of conjuring up many things...and while this is, in many ways, a striking structure, I think its past would be a deterrent to living in it! For me.

  6. A very interesting bit of history. I don't know if I could get over the history enough to live there, though it's a nice looking place.

  7. I've never seen such a water tower. Thank you for sharing this find with us


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