24 August 2011

View out of the fort

The old stone doorway makes a nice frame. The fort was also a popular destination for locals. There were plenty of young lovers enjoying the views. We also saw people tying white ribbons /tissues on a tree. I tried to ask them what the significance of those bands were, but language barriers prevented me from understanding their meaning. Photo taken in March 2011.


  1. Seems a wonderful place to visit!
    Thanks for sharing your very beautiful shot;o)

    ¤ Have a nice and happy day ¤

  2. I've really enjoyed this series...and this, too, is a cool photo. That stone is wonderful. I'd like a house made out of that!

  3. I love these old stone passageways and this one reminded me immediately of one in Chateneuf de Pape... great series (as you always do)!


  4. Ah, looks great with those different coloured stones... so quaint and charming.


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