19 August 2010

Eagle heart

This is the European driving symbol for "do not enter". But this particular rendition is rather heart-shaped, don't you think? I found this on the wooden doors in the Castle of Nuremberg. This photo was taken in March 2007. To see more random hearts, please visit Clytie's place.


  1. It's really different, I like this "heart"idea, the door is beautiful!
    Léia :)

  2. It does look like a heart, and tames the eagle somewhat.

  3. Yes! I think it is a wonderful heart! What beautiful door art!

    Thank you for sharing your heart on Guest Heart Thursday (by the way I took the liberty of linking this post to GHT! - I hope you don't mind)

  4. Interesting difference between this and the American do not enter sign, which we use. I would have thought this was a shield without your info.

    Gorgeous door and fascinating two-headed eagle. I wonder what myth it came from…

  5. Hilda: The Eagle is one of the symbols of Germany, but I'm not sure why this one has two heads.

    It certainly made this "do not enter" sign snazzy though!


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