26 August 2010

One fish, two fish, red fish...

Blue fish! My husband, the world's greatest fish paparazzi, caught this man during our snorkel trip in the Bahamas. This guy was actually blowing on the sand to see what was underneath. The snorkeling at this site was fantastic, but this guy was definitely one of the prettiest fish we saw.

Photo taken in August 2010.


  1. Stunning picture and yes...he is adorable!

  2. Awesone triggerfish! I've seen it in the wild too.

  3. What an amazing picture! Love the colors of the fish.

  4. JM: Thanks for the name of the fish. I had no idea what he was.

    This was one of our best underwater pictures. This guy was so blue with neon yellow stripes! Mother nature is a cool chick, indeed.

  5. How very cool! Beautiful fish, beautiful shot. We love to snorkel, too, but haven't done it in years! Maybe we should head to the Bahamas for a few days...yes?

  6. How neat he was blowing! Snorkeling is such fun. That looks like a great area.

    As to your question, the electric station is in Tucson, AZ.

  7. There are many species of triggerfish and most of them are fantastically coloured.


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