06 August 2010

Wind farm

A wind farm outside Nuremberg, Germany. I find these machines really fascinating. And the blue sky and puffy clouds just make the whole scene better.

Photo taken in June 2010. Please visit Skywatch to see more beautiful skies from around the world.


  1. I'm a fan of the "Impossible mission"series, and there is a scene that was taken there or near there in Germany.
    Your picture is adorable, beautiful sky and it a perfect contrast with those machines!

  2. Love the contrast between the puffy clouds, and the straight lines of the wind turbines! In Canada, they do not paint red stripes on the arms of the turbines, so that was different from home, too!

  3. Love to see this in person. I heard that this wind mill is huge. Happy weekend!


  4. What a terrific capture! Beautiful blue sky and such lovely clouds. The wind turbines look like exclamation points accenting the skies! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Gorgeous photo, Halcyon. I think we're getting more of these in this country...hopefully! They can't do the whole job but they sure can help. I know there are a lot of them just east of San Francisco...

  6. I do believe the sky and clouds are prettier in your country. These are super shots of such a great show provided by nature.

  7. I've always liked this too. There's the same scene on your way to San Diego just outside of Palm Springs.

  8. I find them fascinating too. Beautiful day!


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