07 August 2010

Shop windows

Reflections of Berlin in a shop window. I'll show you part of what's being reflected next week!

To enjoy more weekend reflections, please check out James' blog, Newton Area Photo.


  1. I would like these glass doors in my house. :-)

    [Re you comment on VP's Livorno blog: do you own any Apple products? An iPod, maybe? Or iPad? These are considered top of the line in the USA, no? Or a PC with an Intel chip? Or maybe you like Coach bags? Made in China. All of them. My products are not cheap either. The same "cheap" charge was aimed at Japan's products in the 60s. Things change. :-)]

  2. Ah ben voilà, moi j'adore les portes et fenêtres allemandes. Super !

  3. Berlin, Berlin... Such a cool place! I got curious about what part of the city your picture could be. Looks like a quiet area.
    God bless you!

  4. This one is also excellent. I like the looks of the shop very much. And I'll look forward to what's being reflected!

    And an early congrats on your anniversary!

  5. Nice looking reflections and I like the green bricks too. I would love to go to Berlin someday. :)


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