02 December 2010

Beijing buildings

This place looks like a Christian church, but I'm not sure what it actually is. Photo taken in November 2008.


  1. Wow dear Hal,
    You travel so much, what an adventure trip!
    Beautiful lights!
    *** mommy say hello and I'm sending you love and purrs , and thanks for your always kind words in my blog!
    Luna and mommy Léia

  2. You must be right with those three crosses on it. And I understand there is somewhat more freedom in China these days.

    Re your comment on Colorado: Thanks much. That was one of those serendipity shots...came around the corner on the dirt road leading up the mountain, and there was the scene! Click!

  3. I love the light in this photo - so soft and warm. It probably is Chritian church, and very nice one:)

  4. It does look like a church. I've heard there are more Christain churches there now. The light is nice.


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