06 December 2010

Factory tour

We took a tour of a cloisonee factory while we were in Beijing. It was really interesting to see the traditional art of making these vases. We didn't buy any though, which I think disappointed our guide. Photo taken in November 2008.


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  2. This work is so delicate, and it's really interesting!

  3. As I recall, my mother had a couple of these cloisonee vase. It was quite intricate and detailed and very colorful. I think she got it from a missionary to China many years ago.

    How fun to see them actually being made!

  4. Must have been interesting experience to visit such a place:)

  5. I love it that they are glowing red. So you didn't try to take expensive and breakable vases in your luggage??? Why not? By the way, what would it have cost to buy one there? I've always liked looking at cloisonne.

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