09 December 2010

Chinese Mackers

The ambiance is not much different from the McDonald's here in the States. But the menu items are a little different. Photo taken in November 2008.


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  2. If I didn't know, I would say it was taken here, but I can imagine that food is different!

  3. I imagine to talk in English wouldn't be a problem there.I would say "number 2, please!"hehehe
    Cool shot!

  4. I find it an almost out-of-this-world experience going to McDonalds' around the world. The most impressive I found was one in London, where it was decorated like a 4-star restaurant!

  5. It is unbelievable how McDonald's has grown. I remember one of the first fast-food restaurants in the country - Foster's Freeze - in the Los Angeles area...and I remember when McDonald's came into being...

    And it has grown to become probably the greatest cause of obesity in the world! :-)


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