21 March 2011

Old boat

An old boat inside the Museum of the City's History in Saint Malo, France. It's a beautiful port city where the old medieval walls and ramparts are still in very good shape. I used to go there a lot when I lived in Rennes. It's just a short drive and makes for some good summer fun! This photo was taken in April 2003.


  1. oh gosh, you have the opportunity to live in so different places, amazing places...lucky you! This shot is fabulous, thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love this place! Very nice shot of the old boat, too. Can't help but wonder where that old boat has been and what it has been up to?

    Re the moon: You need as big a lens as you can get...I used a 300mm.

    Tripod is essential. Set everything to manual. Shutter speed 250. Aperture f/11. Focus manually. Use a remote trigger if you have one.

    No big whoop!

  3. this reminds me of visiting the kon tiki in oslo -- this boat looks to be in pristine condition!


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