30 March 2011

View from the tower

A view into the city of Angers from atop the old ramparts. The old moat has been transformed into a beautiful garden. And you get a bonus view of the cathedral! Photo taken in November 2002.


  1. I like all of this shot, especially that moated garden...and the sun flare!

    Congrats on the move! You must have found something in Toronto!

    And new clubs! Whee! Nothing like 'em. What a good husband you have! :-) What kind did you get?

    Hoping to get out on the course this morning but it's supposed to rain all day!

  2. The moated garden is beautiful, and I love the view!

  3. This is a fabulous photo. The moat is stunning.

    Too bad we have no Jayhawks this weekend. But considering they were not even expected to take the Big 12 Conference, I think they gave us an exciting season.

  4. Brilliant composition! That green garden is beautiful!

  5. Ooooohh. The garden within the moat and this chapel are so wonderful. I couldn't remember if I had been to Angers, but seeing these photos, I now know that I have not. Great place!

    So, you're almost in Toronto but leaving the sailors behind? Good luck.

  6. That garden is beautiful, what a design!

  7. WOW! Just look at that garden! It's gorgeous!


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