24 March 2011


A look at some of the different styles of headdress traditionally worn by the women in and around Saint Malo. Photo taken in April 2003.


  1. "avoir la mode"!
    I wonder if they were comfortable wearing that! LOL
    Cool picture!

  2. Superb and very interesting, but...I'm happy with our nowadays style:)
    Have a nice evening!

  3. Wow. I like the headdress on the lady in the picture on the right - it's shaped like a heart!!!

  4. I can't help but wonder if the ladies (and men) of the time thought these styles were attractive. They no longer seem to represent our cultural ideal of feminine beauty! :-)

    You women sure have to go through a lot of "stress" to be all that you can be. It's really not fair, it would seem...

  5. Wow, I'm glad that's not fashionable any more. Great find!

  6. I have worn a coiffe before, but it was a simpler variety. I think those ladies in the portraits just don't look very happy. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the coiffes though! :)

  7. I hate to think of how long ago it was when I was in Saint Malo. You wore one of these? Tell your tale, friend . . .

    Good luck with the Jayhawks (until they run up against one of my teams). Given where I worked, I have many Jayhawk and Longhorn fans among my friends. Regina from the KC DP blog is also a Jayhawk.

  8. Very interesting heart find. :)

  9. Those busts are way too cool!


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