13 March 2011

Loire Valley castles: Cheverny

A last castle for you, Cheverny. This castle was used as the model for the castle in the Tintin books. You can see some memorabilia from the comic series inside the castle. Photo taken in August 2005.


  1. Very elegant castle and the sky is glorious!

  2. This castle is magnificent and your picture is perfect!

  3. What an exquisite sight! These castles have been amazing and I love the series you have shown us!


  4. It is so pristine and even and aplumb that it almost seems unreal!

    Great photo!

  5. Halcyon, thanks so much for your visits when I was traveling and then down with the flu. It was a nice and friendly feeling to see your name come in on e-mail on my phone. I have not been to the Loire Valley, but it's certainly on my list!

  6. Ah, yes, Cheverny is a great place. It is perhaps the neatest one, with not a single pebble out of place.

    Re the Elbow Room, maybe their menu would be called creative American and Italian, ranging across most usual foods but with some extra imagination.

  7. Ok, I know I said I wanted the other one, but this is my favorite... I want this one! WoW! =)


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