05 March 2011

Street scene

A typical street scene in Rennes. The weather was nice enough on this spring day for a bit of people-watching at an outdoor cafe. And you get some bonus timbered buildings! Photo taken in March 2003.


  1. Looks like great fun. Love the cobblestones! I could sit out there for hours!

  2. You did have a Tudor week, didn't you? The difference is that yours are authentic, and the one I showed was a Tudor colonial copycate from about 1925.

  3. I'm heading to France in May and have been looking into seeing some smaller towns that resemble this (Honfleur, Rouen perhaps). I love this scene!

  4. I love that brick walkway, but it isn't worth a hoot to drive on... our Main St is brick & I avoid it at all cost!!! =0


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