11 March 2011

Loire Valley castles: Chambord

Chambord is one of my all-time favorites. It's so majestic! This castle was added to many times over the years, so there are also many architectural styles on display. Plus you can't miss the double-helix staircase. Photo taken in November 2002.


  1. wow I'm taking my notes here!Amazing Castle!

  2. I visited this castle last June and although it was not my most favorite the sheer size is impressive! The double helix escalier is stunning as are the "nooks and crannies" -- wonderful photo, too!

    Bon weekend,

  3. Well, really they're all my favorites. :)
    Each one has something special. And this one certainly has the size thing going.

  4. It's impressive and beautiful! I don't know this one, shame on me:)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. It is majestic and it's also huge! I'd love to visit that one!

  6. Beautiful image, Halcyon. I liked this one, too.

  7. I remember reading and researching them for a possible trip years ago trying to figure out which ones to see in a limited time. I think this was one of them, but the trip didn't happen. Was that hard trying to pick one or two! Now I've forgotten most of the research. . . .


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