14 November 2010

Aerial view

A view of the Key West causeway from above. Photo taken in May 2010.

To see more bridges from around the world please visit Louis la Vache's Sunday Bridges series.


  1. wow what a shot!
    I hope to have the opportunity to visit there someday, it's in my "top wish list here"! :)
    Wonderful picture, congratulations!

  2. A real "bird's eye view"! What a cool shot!

  3. What a landscape!
    Amazing :)
    Have a nice Sunday

  4. Well done! I was almost there about a year and half ago, but we ran out of time and just drove through the Everglades instead. Ah well, a reason to go back.

  5. Fantastic aerial view! Going to the Keys is something I have to do before I die. :-)

  6. I've always wondered how deep the water is under those causeways. I'm with JM, the Keys are definitely on my bucket list along with the Everglades.

  7. I love aerial views, so this is interesting. Sorry I've been in my other world so much lately :)

  8. Oakland: The water is not too deep as there is only one causeway all the way from Miami to Key West. It takes you through all the other keys on the way and is an interesting drive.

    Everyone should definitely visit the Keys (there are other beautiful places besides Key West) and the Everglades. There's so much natural beauty there - it would be a shame to miss it!


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