07 November 2010


This is the oldest church in Berlin. It's located in the former East Berlin, not far from Alexanderplatz. It was originally a Catholic church but converted to Lutheranism during the protestant reformation. Photo taken in July 2006.


  1. It's nice, isnt'it? I like Berlin, every time I'm there I can finde something new:)
    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Beautiful composition, the church has a lovely turret and so delicate details! :)
    I also love the yellow colour!

  3. We wanted so bad to see Berlin when we were in Germany. Alas, we left just one month after the wall came down, and the area was still off limits to US Military without special permission. Sigh. This church is beautiful, but somehow seems lonely. I wonder why ...

  4. So well composed, Hal. Dramatic photo of a dramatic building with an especially interesting history.

    I embiggened the photo and see what appears to be some new construction in the foreground. I wonder if that's connected in any way to the church?

  5. It seems there was construction around most of the churches I saw when last in Germany a few years ago. And also my pix are on slides. This makes me want to dig them out and scan them :)

  6. And it's all snuggled in with those modern buildings. WOuld love to know the history it's seen!

  7. Oh, my, it is so beautiful. I always think of all the hard work it took to build such beautiful buildings.

  8. p.s....thanks for the link, too!


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