12 November 2010

Red flags

Red flags fly over the royal palace in Beijing. Photo taken in November 2008.

To see more skies from around the world, please visit Skywatch.


  1. Wonderful photo. Great composition. I like the red flags agains the sky and the city in the background. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the motion in this picture, the flags waves the blue wonderful sky! Amazing!
    Léia :)

  3. This is a BEAUTIFUL photo - the motion, the composition, the blue sky ... WOW.

  4. I remember recently you wrote to someone that you thought your travel photos were your best work. I think all of your photography is excellent, but you seem to have a special talent for travel shots, like this one: great colors, very well composed, a delight to look at!

  5. Red flag, Cloudless blue sky, Green trees .... excellent contrast.


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