04 November 2010

Public transportation: Maglev

This is the ultra high-speed train that will take you to and from downtown Shanghai to the airport in less than 10 minutes when it runs at full speed! The train goes at a max speed of 431km per hour, surprisingly you don't feel it at all.


  1. Wow so fast!very modern way to go to work! :)
    Wonderful picture!

  2. I'm always amazed when realized how fast are these trains!
    As for your question, the fountain is in Marzan - it's in East Berlin in beutiful park called 'Gardens of the World'. If you don't know it, next time you are in Berlin you should visit it:)
    Have a nice evening:)

  3. joo: I do know that park, but would not have put this fountain with it! I'll be back in Berlin for the winter holidays. Maybe not the best time to visit it again though. Do you have family there as well?

  4. I'm envious (in a friendly way) of all the places you've traveled to - it must be wonderful. These trains are great and so fun to experience.


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