09 November 2010


This woolly mammoth guards the entrance to the Museum of Natural History in Paris. It's an interesting place to visit if you have some time. Photo taken in September 2006.


  1. What a strange meeting… Nice shot

  2. Because of your Jackson location, I wondered if you had an ETR relationship. I was in the electric industry for 30 years, originally with NU in Hartford and the last six with AEP as a long distance weekly commuter. I had roles overseeing people involved with the supply chain but I wasn't handling procurement myself. Would that company be one that sounds like multiple sailors?

  3. Great shot!
    Well! Next time I go to Paris I have to go there and see that elephant for real. And I'll visit the museum too of course;o)

    Thanks for sharing***

  4. Oh neat. I went to the Natural History Museum in London and really enjoyed that.

  5. He does look real in the photo! :-)


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