08 July 2010


A colorful fish from the reefs of Key West. Photo taken in May 2010.


  1. Cute blue fish, your picture is fabulous!

  2. Hi Halcyon, sorry I've been away for a bit. I LOVE this fish photo. Taking fish pix underwater is such fun. It's one of those things where I have tons of beautiful photos in my mind until I get them on the computer and see how bad they really are :) I have a handful of good ones, which I intend to post, but the ones in my head are so much better! You got a nice one here.

  3. Tapirgal: I know exactly what you mean by getting fish photos. My husband loves to chase them down like a fish paparazzi! I think he probably took this picture.

    98% of the pictures turned out awful, but I got a few good ones at least. Too bad I can't remember the name of the fish.

  4. The fish is dressed in great camouflage. :)


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