21 July 2010

Genius lives here

Einstein's house in Caputh, Germany - a small village just southwest of Berlin. Photo taken in July 2005.

Do you like it better in color or black and white?


  1. I like both - they each have their own mood! The top one is beautiful and ordinary ... the b&w is somewhat moody and mysterious.

  2. I've read a little about his time here...so nice the building has been restored. I like the color!

  3. I'm into color these days in still photos, so the top one gets my vote. I've never seen this place before, even in pictures, so I'm glad you posted it. It's charming, and could you feel the spirit of genius still in the molecules of the place?

  4. Bonjour Hal!
    Thanks so much for the link, so interesting and beautiful house!
    I think I prefer it with all colours, I really love the white detail with the contrast and so on.
    You are so kind, merci! :)


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