28 July 2010

Halcyon jubilee

This is my drink from my bar in Austin, TX. It was actually quite tasty.

Photo taken in July 2010.


  1. Here's to Halcyon!
    J'aime beaucoup la typographie du bar et ton angle.

  2. It looks good. If I go into a bar in Austin and order one will they know what to make?

  3. I love your name. When I was in school I mispronounced this word as "HAL-ee-con" and the teacher corrected me in front of the class. I was so shocked that I had gotten it so wrong. I didn't forget this word again!

    I like your blog very much. If you had a followers widget I would follow you.

  4. Sara: I just looked again at the Skywatch blog, and they have actually inverted the letters - so today it is Haly-con! :)


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